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Ancient Wisdom to Empower your Business Now!

Message from Allan Knight, M.Ed.

What I have learned is that there are common patterns that hold most people back from soaring in their business and personal lives. These include procrastination, introversion and shyness, fear of rejection or failure, lack of confidence and assertiveness, being too self critical and poor social skills.

I have also learned that rah-rah seminars and reading books will not be enough to solve these issues!

In todays fast paced life and fierce competition, never has it been more necessary to empower and master your communication skills.

All of this is why I created a 9 step formula for personal and business success!

Allan Knight is a former Zen Monk turned Communication Coach. He has infused 30 years of Eastern philosophical wisdom into a simple 9 step formula so you can rapidly achieve greater personal and business success.

You will...

Calm your Mind - within your fast paced and stressful lifestyle

Connect with Confidence - whether you are an introvert or extrovert you will command Trust, Love and Respect

Communicate with Mastery
- you will be able to present yourself with Authenticity, Boldness and Impact!

During the session you and Allan can discuss how to:

  • Calm Your Mind and Achieve True Inner Freedom
  • Have a Zen Like Focus to Get on Track and Stay on Track
  • Transform your fears and insecurities into Genuine Self Confidence
  • Release Your Personal Magnetism to Attract, Influence and Impact Others
  • Master your Networking, Speaking and Relationship Building Skills
  • Clarify the Unique Personal Brand and Identity You Wish to Present to the World
  • Take Charge of Your Life with Purpose, Passion and a Never Say Die Attitude

In this session you will get very clear on your intentions and goals both personally and professionally, discover exactly what is holding you back from soaring in your life, and access a clear roadmap and strategies to fast track your success. 

The no obligation opportunity is designed for individuals who have a strong desire to improve themselves and would like to see if Allan’s coaching style is the right fit for them. There are a limited number of spaces available

I'm looking forward to helping you to take your business and life to a whole new level!

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